11th annual Youth Media Summit

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11th annual Youth Media Summit » My Dreams Mag
The 11th annual International Youth Media Summit (IYMS) is set to take place in Kathmandu from 27th July to 9th August 2016. It is the first time the two weeks long summit is being held in Asia.

 IN MY CITY : 11th annual Youth Media Summit

For the 11th IYMS, young media enthusiasts and filmmakers from various corner of the world shall come together to extensively explore seven issues (viz poverty, violence, health, discrimination, environment, women’s rights and youth empowerment) prevalent in the global scenario and encompassing them with zest of indigenous realism to generate short films. This occasion has also been viewed as a great opportunity to highlight the crucial issues for discussion in the back drop of post earthquake scenario.

The event is aimed at creating discussion groups among about 70-100 students known as delegates and advisors who are the diplomats from various countries. The delegates are mentored by the advisors regarding the issues and framework of developing the Public Service Announcements (PSA). The short films thus created shall be screened and shared with the world.

The delegates are up for fourteen days of intensive brain storming, delving into ideas, and fleshing them out into PSAs. It is through these audio- visual medium that the young delegates are seeking for mass outreach to create awareness to the issues of global concern. An engagement of cultural excursion of the majestic beauty of the ruins of the Kathmandu valley has been planned out to take back the message that Nepal extends its welcome to foreigners.

An amazing fortnight awaits the participants, as the communication flourishes amid potpourri of thoughts. The participants are in for an enriching experience of a life time with interaction and cultural exchange. All of this comes with intensive workshops and training about filming, presentation and production.

Public Access Nepal- IYMS Nepal team

It is commonly known that Nepal suffered a devastating earthquake in the Spring of 2015. Just three months after the earthquake, Sapan Hamal of Public Access Nepal arrived in Belgrade, Serbia for the 10th IYMS and served as the first delegate from Nepal in the 10 year history of the organization. While there, Sapan gathered donations from the international delegates to build temporary schoolhouses in Nepal, something he and his friends had devoted themselves to since the earthquake left thousands of children without schools. Sapan was motivated by his experience at the Summit to bring the event to his home country; this idea has quickly turned into reality as Public Access Nepal now serves as host and sponsor for the 2016 Summit. , the host and the sponsor for the event has taken this as a huge challenege. About 20 volunteers will work closely with the team to facilitate the summit. The host organization expresses their enthusiasm to organize an international program on development issues and creating a network of like-minded youth. It believes that this event will uplift the status of media in Nepal and provide the coverage to the post earthquake issues.


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