60 Seconds International Film Festival

May 23, 2016 , by Anura Shrestha, Leave your thoughts

 IN MY CITY : 60 Seconds International Film Festival (SIFF): VIP Screening In Nepal 

The VIP Screening of the 60 Seconds International Film Festival (SIFF) was successfully held on the 20th of May by Open Space Nepal (OSN) in collaboration with Morango Films, Pakistan.
The festival, which is being held for the third time in Nepal, saw the screening of thirty-five minutes long movie, primarily focused on addressing critical issues, such as Peace, Interfaith, Water, Creative, Fiction, Comedy, Environment, Democracy, Innovation, Conflict and Tolerance. Out of the total 35 films screened, 13 were from Nepali filmmakers.
Welcoming the VIP guests at the screening, Muhammad Saif, the Country Director of 60SIFF for Nepal and Creative Director of OSN, stressed on free expression and to use 60 seconds as a productive tool to promote “citizen journalism”.


Founded in 2012 as 60 Second Film Festival in Pakistan, it soon became 60 Second Int’l Film Festival because of the great number of films it received from many different countries in 2012. Since then, it has been engaging upcoming artists and producers from all over the globe to exhibit their work on various socially driven issues. 60SIFF also aspires at being a neutral avenue for amateur and emerging filmmakers to showcase their creativity to the public with diverse backgrounds, which otherwise is not viable for them. Each film spans only 60 seconds allowing a transfer of concise yet powerful ideas. This continuous flow of information acts as a standpoint of education for the viewers and inspires them to step up and try bringing a positive change in the society. This year saw more than 400 film entries from 40 countries across the world.


The evening concluded with the distribution of awards and certificates to the participating filmmakers and producers. The advisory board of the OSN team was also acknowledged. Sadiksha Thapa, one of the advisory board member, lauded the current team for their hard-work and successful execution.
The event which was held at Cine-De-Chef, CTC Mall, Sundhara saw attendees in the form of filmmakers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, press and media among others. Registration is open to the public for a special screening of these movies which will be held on the 24th of May.


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