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Amrita Acharia is a half Nepali, half Ukrainian actress. After spending many years in Nepal and England, she now calls Norway her home. Amrita found global fame with the HBO series "Game of Thrones", where she played the character of Irri, one of the handmaidens of the Targaryen queen Daenerys. The role even catapulted her to Askmen.com’s list of 100 Most Desirable Women in 2013, marking Nepal’s first entry into the list. Her upcoming films include "Amar, Akbar & Tony" a coming of age comedy, "Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead", a horror, and "Camouflage", a drama.   


Early life

Were you always interested in acting?

Subconsciously, probably yes—I certainly had enough imagination for it. I didn’t really consider it as a possible career until further down the line.

Tell us something about your journey from a student of acting to a role in Game of Thrones, how did it happen?

I went to drama school in London and did “The Devil’s Double” and a little theatre. I did TV guest roles after signing with my agent. I was offered Game of Thrones after auditioning.

Do you think it is possible for a first generation immigrant to achieve what you did?

I am second generation, and had already moved around a lot and spent most of my life in Europe with the freedom and support to pursue a creative career. It’s an interesting question, but I think it is a little too generic to answer. There are many factors that would contribute and everyone’s situation is individual. I do think it’s possible though, but I am not the right person to answer that.



Game of thrones


What’s the best part of being Irri? I have just finished reading Book 1 and watching all three seasons. At this point, I am pretty obsessed with Game of Thrones and spend hours googling it. I would love to hear about what it is like on the sets
It was a great experience since the books have such a huge following and now the series is internationally loved too. The best part of being Irri was getting to speak Dothraki. It was fun to work on a big project in my first year out of drama school. I learnt a lot from it, had the opportunity to work with different directors, actors, and film in amazing locations. It was eye-opening to see how much goes into a scene behind the camera, and I have a lot of respect and awe for that side of things.

Have you read Game of Thrones?

Yes, I read the books before filming.

What kind of roles are you interested in portraying?
As many different kinds as possible. I like a challenge.

Do you fear getting typecast into “exotic” roles?
I see it as strength, not a weakness. I am foreign looking, so that’s what I go with.

Do you fear not getting mainstream roles?
No. I like both indie and mainstream films. To me, it’s the quality of the project that counts, and whether or not it resonates with me.


Amrita Acharia

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Culture shock

Do you think you would still be interested in acting if you had remained in Nepal?
I left as a kid, so I don’t really know.

Would you be interested in Nepali movies?

I don’t speak Nepali anymore so I’d have to relearn it first.

Did you face culture shock when you first migrated to Europe?

I adapted quite quickly. I was pretty young and when you’re in a school environment and quite open, you make friends fast. I’d already lived in Ukraine as well, so change wasn’t a new concept. I have always liked moving around, it’s exciting.

Have you been to Nepal after you left? Do you get culture shock when you come?

Yes, I have been to Nepal since I left. And no, I don’t get culture shock, because I still remember my stay in Nepal. I’m fine with adapting to whatever place I’m in. I try not to have preconceptions of places—you get there and take it at face value.

Amrita Acharia

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