Aneel Neupane’s Miniature World

March 15, 2015 , by DREAMS, 1 Comment

“My friend had lent me this point and shoot camera. I loved the little thing! When I had to return it, I knew that I absolutely needed a camera. I knew I was in love with photography,” says Aneel Neupane. Aneel is a 22-year old photographer who has made quite a mark in the Nepalese photography scene. With an insatiable hunger to learn more about photography and a creative mind that sees beyond his camera lenses, he loves playing with his photographs.

A photo series by Aneel is called “A small world” and you will see some really spectacular photographs. Photo manipulation at its best, Aneel loves shrinking himself to fit into a tiny world. He explains, “I was always fascinated by the world of insects. I would spend hours watching them scurrying around in their tiny little world.”
A huge Doctor Who fan, Aneel loves collecting toys and eating pineapple. He expressly asked DREAMS to put in the pineapple part. How could we say no to such a sweet request now?

Blown away
Riding a little late
Tiny big vacation
Treasure box
Winter shopping
Top of the world
Tiny clumsy timelord
Mini van
Making memorable music
Humming bird
Delve in the wonderful miniature world of Aneel Neupane –

Find Aneel on Facebook here.
His awesome website.
Spend some quality 500px stalking time here.

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One comment on “Aneel Neupane’s Miniature World

  1. Richa P says:

    Wow, this is so awesome!

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