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March 20, 2013 , by Sarita Chamling Rai, Leave your thoughts
If you are attending London Fashion Week … » My Dreams Mag
Attending a fashion week event needs a lot of preparation. It all comes down to presenting yourself in a way that you stand out from the crowd. London-based fashion blogger Sarita Chamling Rai shares her experience from London Fashion Week and offers insightful tips for those who might be a part of the show in future.

In February, the streets of London came alive with the most outlandish, edgy, quirky, and stylish fashion beauty bugs. Though London Fashion Week (LFW) runs only for five days at Somerset House, the fashion fest manages to attract hundreds of people in the British capital.

I have been attending LFW since 2010, and it has never failed to impress me. What excites me most about fashion week is witnessing and understanding trends for the upcoming season. Apart from that, what I look forward to during LFW is observing people and their style — I appreciate when people dare to wear something different that makes their personality shine.

And in trying to dress to the best, the big dilemma for everyone is what to wear when attending the shows. When it comes to the choice of outfit, I normally wear future trends instead of what’s current. I like to wear unique accessories especially jewellery from Nepal as they catch people’s eye and give an outfit edge.

This year, I chose a dress from Zara and teamed it with red clear heels from H&M’s Masion Martin Margiela Collection. I accessorised myself with a Furla Candy bag, ASOS bug earring, cuffs, and traditional rings from Nepal.

The reason I chose this dress is because of the colour: bright yellow. I knew the pop would brighten London’s dull weather, but what also made the outfit unique was the cap sleeves with deep 60s style splits. I wanted the dress to capture all the attention so I kept my hair in a simple bun and wore minimal makeup with red lipstick.

“You are brave to wear this colour,” one of the photographers who took my picture for street style told me. The compliment reaffirmed that I had made the right decision in wearing that dress. Interestingly, I met another woman wearing the same pair of shoes! I did not notice our matching heels until she screamed, “Snap! We are wearing same shoes!” before she took my picture.

At events like this it’s unlikely that someone will be wearing the same article of clothing or shoes, so I will certainly remember this incident!

But preparing for the event doesn’t happen just while putting your get up together. I suggest drinking lots of water, having a good breakfast and lunch since you will be running around the entire day from one show to another. Snacking is a great way to keep hunger at bay; so I always carry raisins, nuts, a banana, and breakfast biscuits, which help fix my energy level.

And when you’re choosing what to wear, keep in mind that fashion week doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive week. It’s important to know that people are more concerned with how you wear your clothes, not the price tag. Always wear clothes you feel comfortable in and wear it with confidence, otherwise the discontent will be apparent on your face. I normally wear High Street brands because most of the clothes are actually inspired directly by the catwalk but it doesn’t break my bank account.

Another important tip to consider when attending fashion week is not to wear heels before reaching the venue. You don’t want to look tired as soon as you arrive so I always wear flats and change into heels.

Once there, and inside, be sure to make the most out of networking. When you meet people, make sure to exchange business cards with people who take your pictures or talk to you. You never know whom you might bump into. Additionally, put your camera or phone to use and take pictures of people whose style you find appealing. Nobody will reject if you ask them for a photo; in fact, it makes them feel that you’re appreciating their style.

With everything said, I’m certainly looking towards attending the LFW’s next season. And I don’t think it’s too early to be thinking about my ensemble. Or is it?

Sarita Chamling Rai blogs at www.fashionbeautybug.com

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