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Create Your Own Musical Future:
Astha T Maskey & Rohit Shakya


Astha and Rohit need no elaborated introduction at this point. Their three albums have raised the bar for Nepal’s pop scene and garnered enough appreciation from a wide array of audiences, from general listeners to keen musicians. This in itself is a praiseworthy feat: balancing their tendency to experiment in electronic soundscapes with the warm familiarity of Astha’s voice and acoustic guitar. Apart from that, the duo now stand as an inspiration for young musicians not just because of their success, but because they have come this far with minimal resources, without the safety net of a record company. Here they talk about how they made this possible and give valuable advice for young Nepali musicians.
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Tank Girl:
Anarcha-feminist Nepali Punk
Tank Girl had been representing the true spirit of punk before most of us even knew the word. This DIY punk band was formed by two wildly talented musicians: Sareena Rai (of Rai ko Ris) and Sampreety Gurung, with drummer Olivier Bertin (also from Rai ko Ris). Their anarcha-feminist ideals are reflected well in their songs about the exploitation, domestic violence, and inequality faced by Nepali women.
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A People’s History of Nepalese Photography:
Kiran M Chitrakar
Kiran Man Chitrakar’s lineage pretty much personifies the history of Nepalese photography with three generations involved. His awe and respect is palpable when he talks about his grandfather, Dirgha Man, who was the royal painter and the first court photographer. And his father, Ganesh Man, once the royal painter and photographer, also founded the first photography lab of Nepal. Accompanying the royals, Ranas and the ministers for their foreign visits, the Chitrakars captured some of the most momentous events of the country.
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Lochan Rijal:
The Other Sides of An Experimentalist
Lochan’s idea was the application of scientific knowledge by scholars and musician. An application which he believes will help Nepali music gain international recognition and inclusion in the global academia. "We live in a world where we are very much interested in Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley or Adele, Kishore Kumar or AR Rehman. We run behind the brand created by media."
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An Artist in Oblivion

At the stroke of being a septuagenarian, Yadav Chandra Bhurtel is closed to becoming an artist who perished in an oblivion, simply for a fact that he has not hit the mainstream or denied to plunge into a tiny modern-day art culture which capital city Kathmandu has struggled to make huge.
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