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Garima Rana was declared the winner of "Bhavisyavani", an international poetry competition, amidst a ceremony at the Shilpee Theatre in Battisputali on Saturday.

A panel of judges including popular poets Biplov Pratik, Netra Atom, Seema Abhas and Sneh Sayami declared Rana the winner for her poem ‘Jug pherinay tyo din’ after the 20 best submissions recited their poetry. Rana’s poetry was about the customary struggle of the ordinary Nepalese who expect times to take a turn one day.

Laxman Shrestha won the second prize for his poem ‘Ma sirishko phool’ and Ramnath Khanal won the third place for his ‘Bhavisyavani’. The top three winners also pocketed a cash purse of Rs 50,000, Rs 25,000 and Rs 10,000. The competition, which began from July 15 with the collection of poems under the theme “Let’s write tomorrow’s poems, today!”, was participated by over 200 poets under 30 years of age.
Neal Bikram Shahi, Sabin Prabhat Gyawali, Aman Basnet, Laxman Shrestha, Nitya Pandey, Fuchchi Jamuna, Asmita Karki, Nabin Bhusal, Prajwal Adhikari, Manoj Bhandari, Raghu Pariyar, Nishma Adhikari, Sagar Bhandari, Ayushma Adhikari, Narayani Khadka, Manish Baral, Manoj Thapa and Anu Thapaliya were other poets selected or the final 20 for recitation after the preliminary screening on August 28.

All the judges along with chief guest Bimal Niva also recited their poetry and appreciated the works from the participants. The poems from the top 20 will be published in the book Bhavisyavani which will be published by early 2016.

DREAMS Magazine has collaborated with Word Warriors and Nepal Literature Festival with Yuwa, National Volunteering Program, Sparrow SMS and NepaliBytes being their supporters.

Entrance to the future.
Contestants preparing for the finale.
The stage is set for the future fo Nepali poetry.
Literature calling.
A musical welcome.
Event Coordinator Kritika Lamsal introducing Bhavisyavani.
Master of ceremony Somesh Verma running the show.
Show being inaugurated by Veteran poet Durgalal Shrestha.
The eager audience.
DREAMS Coordinator Aayesha Rai Gurung performing a song.
A melodious start.
Contestant 1: Neal Vikram Shahi
Contestant 2: Sabin Prabhat Gyawali
Contestant 3: Aman Basnet
Contestant 4: Laxman Shrestha
DREAMS writer Pragya Thapaliya reciting (NFC)
Contestant 5: Nitya Pandey
Contestant 6: Phuchchi Jamuna
Contestant 7: Asmita Karki
Contestant 8: Nabin Bhusal
Photo: Tenzing Samup
Judge 1: Biplov Pratik
Contestant 9: Prajwol Adhikari
Contestant 10: Manoj Bhandari
Contestant 11: Raghu Pariyar
Contestant 12: Nishma Adhikari
Judge 2: Netra Atom
Contestant 13: Ramnath Khanal
Contestant 14: Garima Rana
Contestant 15: Ayushma Adhikari
Contestant 16: Narayani Khadka
Contestant 17: Manisha Baral
Contestant 18: Manoj Thapa
Contestant 19: Anu Thapaliya
Contestant 20: Sagar Bhandari (Video clip of recitation)
Photo: Pramin Manandhar
Judge 3: Sneh Sayami
Audience eager to know the results.
Photo: Pramin Manandhar
Chief Guest Bimal Niva expressing his opinion.
Judge Biplov Pratik handing over token of love to collaborator “Word Warriors”.
Judge Netra Atom handing over token of love to supporter “National Volunteering Program”.
Judge Netra Atom handing over token of love to supporter “Sparrow SMS”.
Photo: Pramin Manandhar
Judge Biplov Pratik handing over token of love to supporter “Yuwa”.
Photo: Pramin Manandhar
Judge Netra Atom handing over token of love to supporter “NepaliBytes”.
Photo: Pramin Manandhar
Chief Guest Bimal Niva awarding 3rd place winner Ramnath Khanal.
Chief Guest Bimal Niva awarding 2nd place winner Laxman Shrestha.
Chief Guest Bimal Niva awarding 1st place winner Garima Rana.
The top 3 contestants of “Bhavisyavani” 2015!
The shorlisted contestants of “Bhavisyavani” 2015!!
Photo: Pramin Manandhar
Thank you all who submitted their poems, interns who shortlisted the top 20 poems, judges who decided the 3 winners, collaborators who worked with us throughout the event, supporters who helped us reach out more and drop-in centres who helped us by collecting the poems.

See you all next year!

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