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DREAMS would like to congratulate Dachhiri Sherpa on participating in the Winter Olympics 2014.


Who is Dawa Dachhiri Sherpa?

Dachhiri is a professional athlete who plays sports like cross country skiing and ultrarunning. He started playing competitively in 2003. That year he won the ultrarunning at Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, and the record he made then which still holds.

Though he lives outside Nepal, he continues to support the education of children in Nepal, taking time out for what he holds closest to his heart.


What was his achievement?

He participated in the cross country skiing at Winter Olympics held at Sochi this year. He is the only Nepali in the competition. He finished 86th.


What is the Winter Olympics?

They are a part of Olympic Games, and are held every four years. They constitute of games that can only be played in cold climates, such as alpine skiing, ice hockey, etc.


DREAMS would like to congratulate Dachhiri Sherpa on putting Nepal on the map of Winter Olympics, and wish him the best for his future in competitive sports.

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