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March 19, 2015 , by Bikkil Sthapit, Leave your thoughts
“I don’t have hobbies. I do everything passionately.” 28-year old photographer Bikkil Sthapit says proudly when asked about his hobbies. Passion can never be overstated as he started photographing from a borrowed camera. He also identifies as a filmmaker, editor and sound designer. Many might consider Sthapit as a man of many faces as he is also a community activist and a freelance political journalist. He loves teaching and would love to pursue teaching part time if he got the chance.

Bikkil shared with DREAMS photographs from his recent trip to Delhi. Presenting to our dear readers, here is Delhi Diaries by Bikkil Sthapit.
Toiling away : Almost 30% of the Indian population lives under the poverty line. Most of them live on a daily wage earned by hard labour. Seen in the picture – two people transport boxes of merchandise on a rickshaw; one directs it, the other keeps the boxes from tumbling.
Hajaam: The Hindi word for barber. A barber snips away at a client’s hair in a busy alley.
Traffic: Delhi traffic is notorious for being wayward in its own way. Rickshaws, cars and pedestrians all rolled into one photograph.
The entryway to a market. Sign reads “Shankar Lal Rishi”.
Addiction and Business: A form of beetlenut, “gutkha” tobacco is very popular in India. It is a mild stimulant and various brands of gutkha are available in the market at nominal prices.
Dangerous Jobs: Most jobs in India is carried out in a makeshift manner. The Indians call it “Jugaad”. Here, you see a perfect example of Jugaad. A man perched on top of a shaky board hung on a pair of ropes to keep him suspended as he works on the walls.
Delhi’s wrath: Sweltering hot days in the summer and frigid cold winter days, Delhi’s climate goes to both extremes of the temperature line. A man sits outside to get some sun on a cold winter day as air conditioners behind him gather dust waiting for summer days to come.
A person lies down on the ground for some rest.
The bright lights: Neon Lights on signboards is a popular Delhi culture.
You will find that almost all shops have a Neon lit heading board hung outside.
Nightfall: The city goes to sleep pretty early in the evening with most shops and businesses closing down by 8 pm.
The spice merchant: The Indian subcontinent is famous for its flavors. A shopkeeper sits in his spices shop as he awaits customers.
The hotel operator sits by the verandah of “Jamiya Hotel”.
People gather in front of a political campaign.
Jugaad 2.0 : Clothes hung up to dry in front of stationery and general stores.

A rundown clinic.
Top of the mighty India gate.
India gate in all its night glory.
A well-earned rest: A cart owner falls asleep on top of his push cart.
The Art of Key-making: India is home to some of the finest key makers. A skill acquired by years of patience and a keen eye, these key makers are masters of complex dents and grooves.
Aazadi: Freedom in Hindi. The embodiment of what India stands for.
Dilli Ki Sardi : Winter days in Delhi are brutal. A person tries to warm himself up by lighting up some paper on a sidewalk.

The billboard reads: "Right now, the population of India is … 126,98,19,578.

Photos by Bikkil Sthapit.
Words by Aayesha Rai Gurung.
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