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DREAMS is marking its third year today! Three years ago, this magazine itself was curated out 0f a dream of a group of young fellows.

Throughout these three years, DREAMS had hundreds of subjects interviewed and events covered. Today, we look back on those dreamers who have not just impressed us once before but have continued to do so. Know the names that appeared on DREAMS through these years and are now at greater heights. Here is to our dreamers who did not let their fire die!

Nawal Gurung started to study sports therapy at University of Kent after a string of football injuries. He trained the under-22 Nepal team and since then he has played with Sahara FC UK and is working as performance enhancement specialist with Fulham Academy.
Since we last wrote about them in 2013 Nripal Adhikary has taken Abari forward by leaps and bounds. Having collaborated on various earthquake relief projects including the reconstruction of Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya and holding volunteer workshops on bamboo shelter training it has collaborated on various cafe projects and also have something exciting coming up in Myanmar.
Dr. Subedi was UN Special Rapporteur for Combodia from 2009 to 2015 being only one of the 12 country specific experts as such. He was a government nominee for appointment to the position of UN human rights commissioner for human rights in 2014. He was made a Membre Tituliare to the Instut de Droit International in 2015.
An art conservationist in her own right Bangdel teaches art history in Doha at Virginia Commonwealth University. More recently she has been actively raising awareness on heritage issues post earthquake and has led Nepali artists at the India Art Fair on their very first participation this year.
Since we last wrote about him Ahmed Dulla has marketed his work extensively through various platforms in social media and has travelled extensively for research. His annual turnover reaching 30 lakhs a month now. He has also taken up interns to help him in various aspects of shoe design and training. His products have reached far and wide and he plans to launch mens footwear soon too.
His childhood dream actually came true when the “Bistarai Bistarai” singer was inducted as the youngest member of 1974 A.D. band and he now teaches music at Kathmandu azz Conservatory where he was once a student.
Visual artist Milan Rai’s work has reached places from Kathmandu to Dharan and even Senegal in Africa. He will be travelling to Harvard University in Boston to share his work pretty soon.
Since we last wrote about them, Namlo Band’s fame has touched far and wide. It has played for the niche Sand film Productions and will be playing at Barking Folk Festival amongst others. It has sounds inspired from West Africa to South America.
The slam poetry movement in Nepal headed by Yukta Bajracharya and Ujjwala Maharjan has spread to all parts of the country thanks to the collaboration of CKU and the Danish government. Their most recent trip being Narayangarh. They also held a wildly successful event when eminent slam poet Sarah Kay visited Nepal. Amongst others they collaborated with Drams Magazine in the Bhavishyavani Poem contest.
in the UK
Dr Roshan Lal Shrestha completed his PhD from Cambridge University UK and moved on to accept a research grant at National Institutes of Health, Washington DC. Dr. Lata Gautam won the best teaching staff award at Angila Ruskin University.
In 2014 Neelam tasted initial success with her brain child Clean up Nepal, She completed her Phd and furthered her activities in Nepal. After the earthquake she worked tirelessly with the survivors and on heritage reconstruction. She now plans to hold a heritage symposium in March 2016.
Yantra Karkhana was a robotics club formed by the members of engineering colleges to further the cause of technology. It has since then partnered with dreams in the post earthquake Hack the Quake contest.
Since we last covered him he has held various other exhibitions and even shared the stage with UK.’s finest contemporary artist Anish Kapoor. He has also actively contributed in the post earthquake relief activities.
She co-founded the Cut and ISYS archive. Her work has been exhibited at Tate Modern exposure gallery and institute of contemporary art. Her clients include Nike and Adidas. She is the author of What we wore- a people’s history of British style (2014).
She set up the ECDC centre at the age of 21 helping children born in Nepal’s prisons She then was in the process of setting up butterfly home for those very kids and was awarded the CNN Hero Award in 2012. In the aftermath of the earthquake she has been busy helping out her children and also the reconstruction of ECDC.
Unknown to Nepali cricket until two years ago, this fast paced bowler is an absolute joy to watch while on the field. During the first t20 series of Nepal vs Hong Kong November 2014 Som Pal, batting tenth, scored 40 runs from 31 balls in Nepal’s first innings of 72 all out, which included six fours and two sixes. He consequently set a new record in all Twenty20 matches for the highest score made by a number ten batsman.
A talented, progressive poet both of Nepalbhasha and Nepali languages, Durga Lal Shrestha is also a lyricist par excellence. Some of his famous works comprise of phul ko akha ma phulai sansara, ji masina (we are not dead) and lyrics for Rajamati the movie. Now at the age of 79, he has penned several poems about the recent earthquake and the affect it had on people. Making him a people’s poet, through and through.
The Madan Puraskar Guthi announced on 14 September to award this year’s Madan Literature Prize to Khalanga Ma Hamala (The Attack on Khalanga) written by Radha Paudel. She became one of the three women to receive the prestigious literature award. In the book, Radha Paudel relives minute details of the battle of Jumla and how the close brush with dead motivated her to do something for the remote village of Nepal.
He didn’t limit himself to the streets of Kathmandu or Nepal. He visited parts of Pakistan to come back with somber stories of people from various walks of life. Now after almost a year since the earthquake, we see him transcending towards the survivors from Laprak, Gorkha. The several stories he captured were heartwarming with whiff of one’s hopes and dreams laid bare.
Introducing Gaurika Singh just as a swimmer would be an understatement. She is a child prodigy in the dry field of Nepali swimming arena. Not only has she broken several national records, her brilliant performance in 2016 south Asian games made all of us proud. Winning Altogether 3 medals. 1 silver and 3 bronze.
The God of sight in Nepal, never thought his works would make this country a pioneer in cataract operations. In a matter of decade 4 million intraocular lenses were exported to over 80 countries. Now With the help of The Himalayan cataract project, thousands of people are receiving a new chance of sight everyday. 25 Dollars and 10 minutes to restore one sight.
How many Mahabir Puns do we have in Nepal? If we stop to think about it, many would just say one. But if we had few more like him, rural transformation would be a different story. His heavy devotion towards wireless technology has seen him win Magasaysay award to Jonathan B. Postel Service Award by the Internet Society in 2014. His relentless effort is also focused on setting up libraries and health clinic in rural area.
From a guy who couldn’t complete a task to someone whose name turned into an overnight sensation, Nischal Basnet is an epitome of what success looks like after several setbacks. main point was to never give up. The success of his latest movie kabbadi kabbadi has us hoping for new tides in Nepali movie scene.
When Nepali football is being marred by the news of match fixing, young players like Bimal Gharti Magar have given hope to a sports enjoyed by many. He not only scored the winning goal for the title of 2016 Bangabandhu Cup against Bahrain but also achieved a feat lesser known in Nepali football: playing for a Spanish team Marbella FC.
Singer and songwriter of Dadhelo, Syndicate, Bipul Chhetri is all set to give a performances in Nepal. He is singing some of his best hits on March 5 for a two hour concert titled Live Musical Era 2016.
Yuvak Tuladhar is displaying his recent paintings in the Curry Without Worry fundraiser event at YouCaring Compassion in Action Gallery in San Francisco, until the end of March 2016, the proceeds of which is donated to Curry Without Worry (CWOW), a direct service nonprofit organization in Nepal.
Manjushree Thapa, writer and translator, currently residing in Canada, has her upcoming novel titled, “All of Us in Our Own Lives”, due in 2016 which is based on the aid world in Kathmandu.
From glitz and glamour of the fashion scene to the mellow acoustic music, Parcha events has formed a stellar reputation for organizing hottest events in U.K. They’ve stuck true to their roots by introducing Nepali fashion and music to people always searching for something fresh.
Her documentary about Kamlaris “Nepal’s slave girls” showcased a dire wave of change needed for uplifting of the forgotten girls. It was shortlisted in world’s best television and film category in New York short film festival. Now her up-to-date, unbiased view on the conditions of earthquake victims and the economic blockade imposed by India has brought her again in limelight.
With his surrealist take on art, Subash Thebe has managed to establish himself as one of the renowned artist of our generation. His various art exhibitions in Nepal and London has showcased his meticulous talent. Besides this, he donated his paintings for a silent auction to generate funds for earthquake victims.
Compiled by Samriddhi Goyal, Reetu Joshi and Rujika Tuladhar.
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