DREAMS Hall of Fame 2015 : Part I

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DREAMS Hall of Fame 2015 : Part I » My Dreams Mag
"DREAMS Hall of Fame 2015" for Nepalese achievers from around the globe goes to:
Photo: Aastha Pokharel’s Facebook
Standing tall and proud at 5’9.5”, Aastha Pokharel grabbed the top honor at India’s Kingfisher Calendar model hunt thus becoming the Calendar Girl for 2015. Pokharel, a nurse by profession, started her career by being featured in the cover Navyaata magazine, went on to win Supermodel Nepal 2013 and was placed in 5th position in the first season of Asia’s Next Top Model. Way to go girl!
ABARI is committed to rescue and reinstate the traditional materials by incorporating adobe and bamboo to suit modern sensibility. empower people as well in the construction. By developing construction techniques that are relevant to the Nepali topography and society, it seeks to rebuild the earthquake-affected settlement. It’s approach towards the scattered settlement is to implement Owner Driven Reconstruction (ODR) to encourage and empower individuals to build safe homes in disaster affected areas. Read more here.

Photo: Ishan’s Facebook

Ishan, Lochan Acharya and Surendra Bajagain embarked on a journey on foot from Mechi to Mahakali. They recognized the families of civilians gunned down in Parsa, Bara and Saptari districts of Nepal as needy of financial aid. This instigated a grassroot campaign gathering funds for the family of the slayed; Sohan Sah Kalwar, Hifajat Miya and Birendra Ram. A total of Rs. 93,150 has been raised for each family to provide a fixed sum every three months until the fatherless children reach the age of sixteen. The amount for the families has been donated by the people belonging from Madheshi and Pahadi Communities around the world and several altruistic individuals.

Photo: Kay’s Instagram

Kanchan Dangol, aka Kay Dangol became the First Nepalese Female Natural Bodybuilder to win the major titles of Ms. ‘Bikini Short (Class A)’ and ‘Bikini Overall’ at the Miami Pro European Championships held in London on July 5, 2015. Kay who hails from Nuwakot is a UK based Nepalese natural bodybuilder and fitness model. She has been exemplary in inspiring enthusiastic females to come forth and follow their dreams.

Photo: www.gangathapa.com

‘Rodhi ghara’ being their first music video, Namlo – the Nepalese fusion band based in London is a seven-piece band led by Ganga Thapa and his collaboration with artistes from Congo, Wales and East London. It is significant that Namlo has provided a lift to the profile of Nepalese music in the world through their presence at Sands Films. This fusion group has also performed at Richmix – 12 hours of Live Music, at the BBC’s Radio Theatre in London for Global Beats.

Photo: www.soil.cee.ehime-u.ac.jp

Nepali geologist Prof. Dr. Bishal Nath Upreti, the president of the Disaster Preparedness Network- Nepal (DPNet), was declared the winner of CNR Rao Prize for 2015. It was awarded for his contributions to the investigations of the tectonics of the Himalayas and improving public understanding of the geology of Nepal.

Photo: www.sbs.com.au

Shesh Ghale, the Nepalese-born Australia based entrepreneur is the president of Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA) for the second term in a row. He is appointed as Nepal’s special envoy for reconstruction in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that destroyed down thousands of houses, infrastructures and heritage sites. Under his leadership, first phase immediate relief distribution was accomplished with top priority for temporary shelter, food, blanket, medical camps as far as possible.

Photo: Sumana’s Facebook

Financial analyst Sumana Shrestha came into the limelight with her Facebook group ‘Carpool Kathmandu’. The idea is simple. It is to match people who are willing to offer rides in extra seats of their vehicles with those in need of the same. What started out as a quick fix measure to deal with fuel shortage has taken the shape of platform to foster communal feeling. The concept of carpooling has become the new hip way of helping people and has created quite a stir. Read more here.

Photo: www.streetnepal.com

‘Jalma’ song with lyrics ‘Timi ra ma ghumna jaauna…’ went viral over Youtube even before the release of the movie ‘Resham Filili’. The man behind this phenomenal creation which gripped the nation is Kali Prasad Baskota. The song garnered good critical response and topped the charts of the Nepalese youth. Besides being the music director, he also offered his voice to the song.
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Words by Rujika Tuladhar.
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