DREAMS Hall of Fame 2015 : Part II

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DREAMS Hall of Fame 2015 : Part II » My Dreams Mag
"DREAMS Hall of Fame 2015" goes to ...
Photo: Santosh’s Facebook
Santosh Kumar Shrestha became the first Nepalese fitness model to win the title of International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) World Champion Fitness Model. The Sydney based model won these five titles at the competition held at Dubai Sports Complex:

1. Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) Fitness Model World Champion

2. 1st Place – INBA Overall Open Fitness Model World Champion

3. Open Height Division Fitness Model World Champion

4. 2nd Place – Open Sports Model World Championship

5. 2nd Place – Novice Mr. Physique World Championship
Photo: Maggie Doyne
Maggie Doyne was named the 2015 CNN Hero of the Year in November at a star-studded awards ceremony in New York. Inspired by what she saw in trekking to Himalayas, Doyne of New Jersey invested her savings to set up Kopila Valley Women’s Center, Kopila Valley Children’s Home and Primary School. Doyne created Blinknow Foundation to support these efforts. She’ll receive $100,000 for BlinkNow in addition to $10,000 that goes to each Hero. Read more about Maggie here.

Photo: The Mileage

Philosopher, poet and author Desh Subba who hails from Dharan but currently living in Hong Kong published “Philosophy of Fearism” (published by Xlibris AU) in an attempt to theorize fear.
This is Subba’s thesis, to theorize fear, examine it, manifest it in human to help ease fear. He started fearism philosophy and line poem. He has written four novels.


Director Ram Babu Gurung’s latest offering ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi’ collected as much as 2.96 crore in the box office in just one week. In the sequel to the 2014 hit ‘Kabaddi’, Kaji continues to contest for Maiyya’s affection in the background of local politics and a new rival. The success of ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi’ is credited to its prequel, rooted in reality with a dash of comedy/humour.

Photo: Kirsten Kortebein

‘Mira Rai, the former child soldier turned star athlete is making it big in world’s toughest of sports: trail running. She won gold medal at Mont Blanc in an 80 km in France. In her most recent race, in Spain, she came second and won 1000 Euros.

2015 07.02 Hong Kong MSIG HK50 Sai Kung – Asia Skyrunning Championship - 1st

2015 01.02 Hong Kong King of the Hills - 1st

2015 03.01 Nepal The North Face Kathmandu Ultra - 1st


Photo: Bikkil Sthapit / DREAMS

Dr. Sanduk Ruit who hails from Taplejung had his work featured in the New York Times op-ed by Nicholas Kristof: “In 5 Minutes, He Lets the Blind See.” The 2006 Magsaysay award-winning eye surgeon pioneered small-incision cataract surgery which utilizes inexpensive intraocular lenses. This affordable surgery has enabled thousands of patients across developing nations regain their sight over the last three decades. In 2015, Dr. Sanduk Ruit was awarded the National Order of Merit, Gold, in recognition of his services to Bhutan.


Garima Rana, the news presenter and reporter of Sagarmatha TV, was the winner of Bhavisyavani, international poetry competition. Rana’s poem ‘Joog Pherine Tyo Din’ was about the customary struggle of an ordinary Nepali who expects times to take a turn one day. She was awarded cash prize worth Rs. 50,000 and outshone 200 young poets to be on top! Read more about Bhavisyavaani here.

Photo: Mila Production

Singha Durbar, funded by USAID, is a two-year project that aims at creating a collaborative political culture in Nepal through multimedia, dialogue facilitation and the engagement of policy think-tanks. The initiative centers on the production and broadcasting of two dramas: a political TV show, Singha Durbar, and a radio show, Gaun Gaunma Singha Durbar (Singha Durbar in Every Village), composed respectively of 13 and 52 episodes.
Singha Durbar aims at increasing public knowledge of the working of the government at the local and national levels; fostering constructive citizen-government engagement; supporting dialogue at multiple levels to create a shared national vision for leadership and governance; and promoting positive role models for leadership and governance through popular culture.
Asha the lead character (PM) played by the ever amazing Gauri Malla stands as a ray of hope and symbol for those who believe women are equally capable of ruling a nation. For more about Singha Durbar, stay tuned.

Photo: Dipesh Shrestha / Republica

Bidhya Devi Bhandari is the first woman president of Nepal. She is the top political figure among contemporary women leaders to have reached that hierarchy in politics. Bhandari is the widow of Madam Bhandari, the engineer behind the program of CPN (UML). Bhandari’s name was put forward as a candidate for presidential election owing to her involvement in the government under various Ministries during the prime ministership of various leaders.

Photo: Padma Gurung

Siena Limbu Lingden, currently residing in East London, participated in 1st WTF World Cadet Taekwondo Championships respresenting Great Britain. In the female 47 kg final match, she enjoyed a triumphant run to the final where she narrowly lost to the Chinese Taipei Competitor Guan Jie Wu and won GB’s first medal in the form of Silver medal.
Read more here: DREAMS Hall of Fame 2015 : Part I
Words by Rujika Tuladhar.
Read more from Rujika here.

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