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The year 2014 has been one of the most adventurous and successful journey for Nepalese across the globe. Beginning with Teria Magar's successful victory in famous Indian reality show Dance India Dance to Nutan Prasain's breakthrough Innovation in the blood circulation system, Nepal proudly boasts the individuals who excelled in their field and earned recognition globally. DREAMS is proud enough to bring all of them together at one single platform. Here in our 2014 Hall of Fame we are presenting you those successful individuals in a quick retrospection.

Photo: Zee TV
Constituent Elections wasn’t the only thing Nepal voted for this year. When 11 year old Teria Phouja Magar from Rupandehi got selected as a contestant in the popular dance show ‘Dance India Dance Little Masters, Season 3’, the whole nation rooted for her from the beginning. Throughout her journey from the streets of Rupandehi to the stage of the coveted show, the whole nation stood in solidarity to show their support and appreciation to this little dancing delight. With such grace, it was merely a surprise when she was announced as the winner of the reality show. Having mastered various dance forms at such a young age, we can almost predict how simmering her future is. Like a young bird who succeeded in her first flight, she is anxious to discover wider skies. This young achiever is definitely the one to place your bets on.
Who knew a summer vacation could turn out to mark history? When Gaurika Singh came from the UK for a vacation in Nepal, no one even faintly expected her to leave such a mark. To everyone’s surprise, seven national records were shattered by an 11 year old in the 19th National Open Swimming Championships held at Satdobato. Almost like lighting, she came quick and left a huge impact. However, her achievements didn’t end there. In the London Regional Age Group Championship this year at the Olympic Park, Singh won four gold, two silver and two bronze medals in her age group. She hopes to participate in the South Asian Games, Asian Games and finally the Olympics representing country Nepal. With such aspirations at this tender age, it isn’t a wonder that she is a debutant who stole the show. Read more here.
If one hasn’t heard the name Bimal Gharti Magar, they must be living under a rock. Despite being only 16, Magar is one of the front runners in the Nepali football scene. Marking his debut for the national team in an international friendly against Bangladesh in 2013, he is the youngest footballer to represent the country.His popularity has been on a rise ever since. Be it the famous equaliser against Pakistan during the eighth SAFF Championship at his home grounds or the nomination in the Popular Player of the Year category. He is a star in the making. Dubbed as the ‘Nepali Neymar’, the U-16 national team skipper, has impressed European clubs and RSC Anderlecht has recruited him for a one-year contract in its U-17 squad. It won’t be a surprise if Nepali football excels in international arena under Bimal. Read more here.
Blood, as familiar as we may find it, still holds mystery yet to be solved. With millions of researchers and scientists working on the study of various mysterious aspects of blood vessels, it requires a huge caliber to get acknowledged amongst the mass. One such person is Nutan Prasain. Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr Prasain led a team which invented a technique that stimulates the body’s system to create blood vessels with a procedure to convert stem cells into endothelial cells (which repairs and forms blood vessels). The technology creates ‘young endothelial colony forming’ cells which could repair damaged blood vessels. This invention has been called ‘breakthrough innovation’ because of its probability in dealing with multiple medical issues like preventing amputations and blindness and usage as an alternative for drugs threatens the immunity of patients.

Photo: newsoffice.mit.edu

Regardless of where they reside, it always feels good when a person sharing your nationality excels. A Nepali- American, Parag Pathak is a Bachelors and Masters degree in Applied Mathematics and PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University. A professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pathak is also an apprentice to the 2012 Nobel Prize winner Alvin. E. Roth. He is generally known for his work on game theory where engineering methods are applied to microeconomics. For instance: at MIT, he along with a group of economists, looked for connections between human capital and the American income distribution. In 2012, he was selected as a Sloan Research Fellows who are often entitled to being the future’s Nobel Prize Winners. His expertise was validated with a 2012 Presidential Early Career for Scientists and Engineers which is one of the most prestigious honour bequeathed to outstanding people at the early stages of their research career.
When one stays away for long, they lose familiarity with their own home. It is natural for them to feel lost when they come back. The whole idea of ‘Tracing Nepal’ emerged as a solution to this issue. Famous blogger Lex Limbu along with his colleague Chimmi Dolkar Gurung wanted Non-Resident Nepalese residing in UK to reconnect with Nepal like never before. The 16 days experience exposed the volunteers to the ‘real Nepal’ with one-on-one interaction with rural communities, unaltered insights to the life in Nepal and mutual sharing of experiences. The authenticity of the project was validated by the fact that the focus area was away from the urban setting of Kathmandu, amidst the most rural areas of Nepal where the volunteers assisted the local people in daily life duties. The project was certainly not a rejuvenation trip or a touristy holiday, but an enriching experience to really discover the actual Nepal. This project definitely wedged a lot of attention this year and might do the same in the next. Read more here.
Celia Washington is a practicing artist from Britian who familiarised herself with the realities, themes and trends of art in Nepal during her stay at the Kathmandu University and Bhaktapur. Impressed by the endeavors of young Nepali artists to voice their opinions via art in the face of the struggles they faced, Celia along with co-founder Sangeeta Thapa shared a common vision to create a platform for Nepali art and young artists. The vision was brought to life with the Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre set up in Jawalakhel which later shifted to the Patan Musuem. With over 5000 books donated, it holds one of the most exquisite collection of books on art. Celia Washington with her initiation has assisted thousands of emerging artists to hone their skills and showcase it as well. When a foreigner grows this extent of familiarity to local art and artists, it certainly is heartwarming.
A graduate from Middlesex University London in BA Fine Art, Subash Thebe, has been on a roll this year. He has worked as a resident artist at Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre along with which came talk programs and art exhibitions. Thebe who initially chose subjects related to art and music is now delving into subjects concerning politics. In his recent exhibitions ‘#Metadata’ and ‘Making and Breaking of Portraits’, unlike in his usual abstract work, he was direct and explicit with his subjects. Having his work showcased both in London and Nepal, he has insights gained through learning in two very different countries. Recently, he received a scholarship (Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship) and is now doing his Masters in University of The Arts London at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. His interest in interpreting current social issues through art might give rise to dialogues and conversations like never before. Read more here.
He dreamt of becoming an actor at a tender age of four but faith had other ideas for him. Jaswant turned out to be a director, writer and screen player. During his years of struggle in Mumbai, Jaswant got opportunities to assist renowned independent filmmakers such as Kalpana Lajmi. When he came back, he directed two documentaries at the serene locations of Mustang which was officially selected for many International Film Festivals, including New York International Film Festival in 2008. He also opened up his production house which delivered successful national as well as international music videos and advertisements. But the fire of acting had still not extinguished leading him to take formal education in the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Unknown to many, he has done a voice-over as a Nepali character in the Disney’s animated film, Planes and has also contributed in the renowned ‘300: Rise of an Empire’. Recently, he bagged a role in the Facebook commercial ‘The First Date’. His year is ending on a high note after winning the Best Actor Award at Blissfest333 in Denver, Colorado in 2014 for his role in ‘The Treason’. This all-rounder has proven to be an asset to Nepali film industry. Read more here.
A Founder and President of Action Works Nepal, Radha is UNDP’s N-Peace Award for serving the people of Jumla even during the period of conflict. A Bachelor in Nursing, and triple Masters in Health Education, Sociology and Development Management, she has also won the 2012 Women Peace Maker Award award from University of San Diego. During her early career, Radha was given a choice between a relatively easier job elsewhere and the hardships of Jumla, and she opted for the latter without a speck of hesitation. When she went to the remote parts to help women despite being in the warzone, she was a clear observer of the then-ongoing Maoist insurgency. Based on that night of attack, she wrote a book, not just about the attack but also on the injustice that poverty creates which bagged the most coveted literary award of our nation – the Madan Puraskar. After Parijat and JhamakKumari, she is the third lady to recieve this prestigious honour. Even after such recognition, her humble roots are intact with her investing the royalty from ‘Khalanga ma Hamala’ to her group, Action Works Nepal to extend help to the people of Karnali. Read more here.
Words by Kritika Lamsal.
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