DREAMS Hall of Fame 2014 : Part II

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The heart is a mysterious organ and thanks to Dr. Kumud Dhital and his team, we are one step closer to understanding it better. Dr. Dhital is a cardiothoracic specialist and transplant surgeon based in Sydney, Australia, who along with his team were successful in performing the world’s first ever “dead heart” transplant. Dr. Dhital and his team made news in the fall of 2014 as they opened new doors in the world of cardiac surgery. Before the groundbreaking success, heart transplants were limited to being taken from brain-dead patients while they were still beating. Dr. Kumud’s team’s success brings new hope to the world like never before as we see an increase in the amount of prospective heart donors.
What we believe to be a modern day avatar of Arniko, Rajkumar Shakya heads on into the world building one magnificent statue after another. His latest creation is a 152-feet tall embodiment of Guru Padmasambhava that graces the village of Takela in the Bhutanese kingdom. A fruit of 4 years’ labour, this statue of Guru Padmasambhav is one of the tallest in the world. It is a matter of great pride that Nepalese artists are being called upon to take over international projects of such magnitude. Forging a new path with his hammer, Raj Kumar Shakya stands as a legend in the making we are proud to call our kinsman.

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2014 has been an iconic year for Nepalese artists to showcase their talent. Another gem from Nepal, Paubha artist Lok Chitrakar inspires artists all over the world with the strokes of his paintbrush. A series of 108 Paubha paintings depicting the deity Lokeshwor painted by Chitrakar himself over the course of 12 years is on permanent display in Kanzouin Museum in Japan. Chitrakar’s portrayal of faith is painted perfection at its best and will continue to inspire artists for generations to come.

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The man with the golden touch and many faces, Nischal Basnet shone throughout 2014. “Haaku kaley” came back with a bang with “Talakjung VS Tulke” and we LOVED it! Basnet introduced a fresh new angle in the Nepalese movie scene and took it over with his wave. Talakjung VS Tulke was applauded by movie-critics and the audience alike for its outstanding direction. Nepalese cinema is taking a stride towards the better future and we largely credit this young man for it.

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From a country that has seen a halt in development due to political instability, cricket brought cheers in the faces of Nepalese representing the country at the global stage – the ICC World Twenty20 held in Bangladesh in March. For a country that seemed to have been divided due to political ideologies, the participation in World Twenty20 brought every Nepalese together. Nepal defeated Hong Kong (by 80 runs), Afghanistan (by 14 runs) and lost to Bangladesh by eight wickets to narrowly miss out a place in the Group Stage but the impact was already made. Nepal was recognized in the global map and their cricketers played a perfect role of the ambassadors by their simplicity and influential on field performance. Nepal now boasts as a country that has played in the World Cup.

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Global or regional sporting events are more than tournaments for players. It has always been a medium to establish the country in the global map. After the exemplary achievement from the cricket team, the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea was just the place to go one step better but it turned out to be a debacle. One after another athlete succumbed meekly in the Asian Games was team events were disgrace. And then came 18-year old karateka Bimala Tamang who ended the medal drought winning a bronze in the women’s individual kata. The relief in the Nepali camp came from a player who was tipped as a future star of the sport. Bimala’s own participation in the Asian Games was under clouds but her dedication and focus was an elixir of life for Nepali sports for the past year. Bimala now focuses on Olympics and World Championships – a place where she can further excel.
The diminutive fast bowler Sompal Kami was an unknown figure in Nepali cricket until the 2013 ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers but with one year gone, he is closed to be a household name. Sompal was discovered, it would be injustice if we don’t give special mention to the Nepali cricket fans, who laid a platform for him. It took Sompal just three months to find his place in senior side after landing in Nepal. Sompal delivered in each and every match Nepal played in the past year and he bid the year a perfect adieu with a world record. But this time it was as a batsman. In Nepal’s only Twenty20 International against Hong Kong in Sri Lanka, Sompal hammered 40 runs from 31 balls setting a world record of highest score by a No 10 batsman in Twenty20 International. Sompal broke Afghanistan fast bowler Hamid Hassan’s 22 made against South Africa in 2010 World Twenty20.

Read his story here.

Words by Aayesha Rai Gurung.
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