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DREAMS would like to congratulate Iccha Basnyat, assistant professor at national University of Singapore, for receiving the teaching excellence award 2014.


Who is Iccha Basnyat?

Iccha is an assistant professor in the Department of Communications and New Media, which is a part of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at National University of Singapore.


What award did she get?

National University of Singapore awarded teachers in sixteen departments the Teaching Excellence Award. This award is based on the evaluations of students, and has criteria like quality of lecturing, ways of delivering knowledge, and personal qualities. She had previously also won the Communications and New Media Outstanding Teacher Award in 2010/11.


What do students have to say about her?

Iccha’s student Branden calls her “our rock of Gibraltar.” “There has always been a feeling of being in very safe hands when under Dr. Iccha’s supervision for any academic endeavor,” says Branden.



DREAMS would like to wish Iccha all the best in her future career in teaching, and hope she continues to lead and inspire students.

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