Khokana Oil Mill: Reviving the Legacy

August 1, 2016 , by Bikkil Sthapit, 1 Comment
Once upon a time in Khokana there were four oil mills completely run by four different communities. 200 years ago when barter system was a main form of trade, people from Khokana produce oil and goes to nearby villages to exchange it with mustard seeds and other valuables. But today, sadly, only two are in operation, one of which is privatized and the other one still runs as a cooperative.


We took a look at the community-run oil mill to find out how have they still managed to produce pure organic undiluted oil when the entire market has been captured by the diluted ones. The answer was simple: you do the job honestly.

Here are some pictures from Sikali multipurpose co-operative oil mill operating at its full swing for 7 years now reviving the legacy of producing pure oil.

A Photo Story by Bikkil Sthapit
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One comment on “Khokana Oil Mill: Reviving the Legacy

  1. Supriya says:

    Glad to see Khokana’s oil mills getting some limelight here. I wish there could be a supplementary piece that also provides some descriptions, and importantly, the traditional names for the devices used and the stages the oil goes.

    Great shots!

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