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September 24, 2016 , by Pragya Thapaliya, Leave your thoughts
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From the Homo habilis of the Pleistocene period to the twenty first century Homo sapiens, humans have always been curious. This curiosity combined with their fondness to develop something new has made them expand their horizons. The invention of wheel, steam engine, electricity and eventually computer has made a break through, and made the modern life possible. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that humans have always been makers.

IN MY CITY : Kathmandu Mini Maker Faire
Maker Movement is gaining more momentum now than ever, thanks to the progress in technology, communication. Makers from all over the world are coming together and sharing ideas in a common platform. Nepal has added a trailblazer in this movement with its very first launch of Kathmandu Mini Maker Faire. Organized by Nepal Communitere, in conjunction with Robotics Association of Nepal and in collaboration with Karkhana, YUWA, Sattya’s Media’s Art Collective, Women Leaders in Technology and Quixote’s Cove, the Faire is receiving key support from the US Embassy Nepal and Nepal Innovation Lab.

Even though Maker Faires have been organized all over the world, this is the first time a Maker faire is being launched with a unique focus on humanitarian projects that have some level of social impacts in the community.

It is a two day-long free event, which is open to the general public from 24th September and will continue till 6:00 pm on 25th September. The event is mostly targeted to the entrepreneurs, investors, makers, educators, students and other multi-lateral groups.

The faire showcases several stalls, ranging from organizations showcasing portal bikes that have corn extractors, to young game developers and programmers who are still studying in schools. One could see the visitors swarming over to the Visualise VR stall, where one could enjoy the scenic and cultural beauty of Nepal through Virtual Reality technology. Students from Kathford Engineering College where demonstrating a “Digital Hydroponics System” where plants were grown in an artificial environment with no soil. Another interesting innovation was Smart Absolute Power Strip, a system which allowed the control of the switches of lights and electric appliances through a phone application and a website.

Another attraction of this faire is the speaker sessions that will go on throughout the two-day-long faire. Speakers from all around the globe will be providing their insights, sharing their experiences of innovations that have managed to create a spark and bring positive changes in communities throughout the world.

The faire has a special kids zone in a space hosted by Karkhana where the children can explore their creative side. The organizing team has also paid attention to the health of its visitors and there is provision of medical facility in the faire.

So, if you are free this Sunday, do not hesitate to pop in and visit the stalls in this Makers faire. You can grab a cup from the Karma Coffee stall, see Nepal through the VR technology, update yourselves with the new innovations, sit for a speaker session or two and learn about the progress in the Maker and DIY movement and grab a bite from the restaurant built in a cargo container. Be there or be square!

To learn more about the faire, check their event page on Facebook

Also, stay updated with Nepal Communitere and works they’ve been doing

Words by Pragya Thapaliya.
Photos from KMMFNepal Facebook page.
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