Kohee Gurung: The 10 Years Old Poet

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Born and raised in the UK, Kohee Gurung travelled to Hong Kong with her family in her early age of 2 in 2007. She went back to UK with her mother at 3 to pursue her study. She joined Valley Road Primary School, Henley on Thames from where she completed her primary 2. In 2013, she moved again to Hong Kong. Traveling to Hong Kong, Nepal, Macau and within UK could have broadened her mind. Visiting Ocean Park, Disneyland in the tender age of 2 could have inspired her too. Moving to a new place, it only took her a while to adapt to a new culture. In no time, she was ready to mingle with peers, classmates and teachers.
She was admitted to P3 in Discovery Mind Primary school, Tung Chung. As Kohee showed an exceptional talent, she was promoted to P5. Even after being promoted, her performance in academic excelled. As a keen reader and writer, she participated in Young Writer’s Award 2015 from her school and her story about Pearl River Delta was enlisted. She was awarded with a Best Endeavor Award and complimentary two tickets to Ocean Park, most popular animal theme and amusement park in Hong Kong.

Her 10th years old birthday has been a memorable one because as a present, her parents made her a published writer.

A Book of Poems is a collection of 34 poems written by Kohee Gurung. The befitting illustrations are the work of her contemporary, Jesse Anna Centeno. The book was inaugurated on 1st January 2016 at Kam Shan Country Park, the park that is famous among Nepalese for fiesta activities.

Kohee will be going to a secondary school this September. Her book had been an auxiliary bonus in upgrading her profile, and granting an admission to Discovery Bay College, one of the best international schools in Hong Kong.

Rabin Rai, the Chief Editor of the Children Magazine, the Ping recalls, “Mekh who had been observing his daughter said to me that she has written numerous poems and whether it was okay to compile them and publish a book? My answer was, “Sure, why not.” I read her poems. I was glad and flabbergasted at the same time.  I wanted someone to write for Hong Kong’s Nepalese children and I met Mekh dai who had spoken my mind. It was a splendid opportunity for me. Kohee Gurung’s name will be proudly spoken aloud if we are to name the youngest Nepalese writer.”

Mr. Rai further adds, “So, we decided to select some of her poems and publish a book.”

When asked her mother how she felt about her daughter’s being author at this very young age of nine, Maya Gurung replied with a mixed feeling. “Sometimes it gives me a fright because at this age, I feel like giving her a bigger responsibility. I fear what if this responsibility causes a hindrance on her studies.  As parents will we be able to continue motivating her? In the other hand, I am happy for her. We grew up in a traditional Nepali culture. I am hopeful that new generation will get to know and recognize their talents and continue to thrive.”

However, Mekh Gurung, has another plan for his daughter. But he does not oppose her interest. I asked Mekh Gurung what his plans were for his daughter. He responded, “I want her to be an entrepreneur and use her creativity to do something special for mankind but she said she wants to be a writer. I am not against her interest and will.”

She spared her valuable time with me, enabling me to quench my inquisitive mind.

When did you begin writing poetry?

Uhmm, well, around two years ago.

What type of books do you read?

I read long chapter books like Secret Garden. I love to read books that have happy endings, are funny and have morale lessons.

Are your writings influenced by any sort of books that you read?

No, but I am influenced by stuff and happenings around me. I write whatever I see or feel. For instance, I went to watch the movie Everest and after returning home I wrote the poem title Summit. I wrote master mutt while watching TV. “Nepal Strife” was based on the disastrous earthquake in Nepal. Sometimes, my poem is based on family circumstances. All these things motivate me.

What do you intend to do with the money that you get after selling your books? You have already sold some, right?

I will save some part of the money raised for my next publication and rest I will give them to charities so as to help the poor.

How did you discover your love for poetry?

It was around October or November 2013, we had a poetry lesson in our school. For my trial I wrote poem called candy crush. And since then I discovered my love for poetry. Then I started reading poems and stories.

Who is the driving force behind your writing?

Mom, it was her who has been literally pushing me to write more. Equally, my father has been my role model.

Any thought of writing another book?

Yes, I have already started writing a story book. Actually, I did before the publication of my poem book.

Kohee loves reading, writing, and arts & crafts. She is mentally active, but a sport is not her cup of tea.

A startling thing Kohee tells me that she only writes once, which means no revision or changes are made to her poems. The first version is her final work. Her way of writing can immensely amaze anyone. What would be the outcome of her writing, would she be re-writing, editing and making changes? This question leaves me musing and often lingers on my head. This young girl has talents and a great thirst for writing. When I think of her, I feel proud because even in our Hong Kong Nepalese society, we have the youngest writer. If some foreigners or local Chinese are to ask the name of the youngest Nepalese writer, with our heads held high, Kohee Gurung’s name would voluntarily come out from everyone’s mouth.

For now, Kohee Gurung is Nepalese pride in Hong Kong Nepalese community. Everest Weekly, newspaper based in Hong Kong has provided a coverage of her book. Moreover, she will soon be felicitated by Hong Kong Nepalese Federation.

If she continues dedicating to writings, the day won’t be that far when she would be known by other nationals and perhaps internationally.

The money she receives from selling her books will be donated to less fortunate. What a philanthropist young soul!

Today’s youngsters have a lot to learn from her. She is an exceptionally exemplary setting kid.

A Mist Snow Storm is a poem from her published book

I walk alone when the snow starts to rage
like feeling alone in a cage
No one in sight
When the mist blocks the cold moon all bright
Tears drop down to my arms and freeze
Cold out in the blizzard snow storm breeze
The wolf howls to the moon and the snow storm cries
With tears of snowflakes down to my eyes.

 In conversation with Renu Rai, Hong Kong.

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