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Making education a success » My Dreams Mag

Sanjana Wagle may not have topped the SLC results, but her feat is no small accomplishment. Wagle not only made it to the Top 5, but she is also the first from her village to ever achieve substantial educational results.

In the village of Damauli, Sanjana Wagle has a celebrity-like status.

Soon after the results of the School Leaving Certificate were published last week, the teenager immediately became a household name. Scoring 93.37%, Wagle was able to secure a distinction and was among the Top 5 in the nationwide list of achievers.

“It’s a big accomplishment,” says the student of Shree Shanti Varsha Secondary School who is proud of what she has achieved.

“It’s a big thing to become the first topper not only from my district but also the entire district.”

At her school in Damauli, students and teachers along with locals gathered to congratulate and celebrate Wagle’s achievements.

“I worked hard all these years and this is definitely the result I had hoped for,” says Wagle.

Commenting on the negative notion people often have about schools outside Kathmandu, she says the schools are equally good.

“I’m a product of a local school from the village, and I’ve been able to achieve this,” she says crediting her school and teachers for her distinction. “I hope people will realise that you really don’t have to go study in Kathmandu to excel in your studies.”

But becoming a good student, according to her, is more than securing good grades in the exams. She says one should have the ability to think outside the box and proactively engage in areas outside of regular coursework.

An avid reader and a writer with an interest in poetry, Wagle says she has always been motivated by Mahakabi Laxmi Prasad Devkota’s works. His biography, for her, has been an inspiration.

Literature, however, for her is only an interest; she sees herself as a future gynaecologist.

Wagle says that she has seen countless women suffering in her village, and many do not survive the complications of childbirth. For this reason the young aspirant says she wants to use her education to make a difference.

Meanwhile, while she moulds her future, Wagle believes she might have motivated other students at her school and strive for what she has achieved.

“I think it’s possible for a young girl from the village who studied at a local school to achieve big,” she says. “I’m evidence of this and I hope this will encourage others from my area.”

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