Marty – The Misunderstood Zombie

February 23, 2015 , by Tenzing Samdup, Leave your thoughts

If you happen to walk into Tenzing Samdup’s room, you will be told, “Please be careful when you touch them – they are fragile.” One might think that there are all sorts of antiques in his room but upon entering, you will find more than a hundred action figures and a large collection of comics!

While toy collection has become a common hobby over the world it has yet to become popular in Nepal. This hasn’t dissuaded Tenzing though and the 27 year old is known to his friends and family know him as a comicbook geek. He also takes photos of his action figures combining his interest in photography and toy collecting.

Hey guys, I just want you all to meet Marty.
Marty is a zombie (if you didn’t realize that already).
He’s a snappy dresser
It’s difficult being a zombie… every time he trips, Marty goes to pieces.
Quick, someone give him a hand!!
But Marty is never discouraged and is always keeping his head up.
It’s always important to look ahead
He’s tried various jobs like being an Avenger.
Here’s Marty, standing in for Thor & Cap
Unfortunately, he can’t hold on to a job for long.
Those were heavier than they looked!
He even tried being a Green Lantern at one point, but…
Beware my power, Green Lantern’s… whaa… where’s my lantern?!
His favorite job was being a rockstar… especially since he could go for toilet breaks even during songs.
Here, seen playing the solo to November Rain
Marty also has a active social life… here he’s dancing with his best friend Venom – they share the same favorite foods and enjoy Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
They hang out at the mall most of the time
When it comes to the ladies, Marty is often misunderstood.
Ahem! HELLO ladies…. um.. why are you running away?? :(
But when he turns on his charms, no woman can resist him.
This rose matches the color of your hair
Marty goes for the intellectual type of woman and favors brains over looks.
Mmmmmmm… dat brain
Anyway, that’s all from Marty for now… he might be back to visit another time.
What did you say, Marty?? You want to give me a hug??
Um, that’s too close buddy…. Wait.. what are you doing>!@^@#$!@
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