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  • Who is Reema Sharma?

Reema Sharma is a seventeen year old currently studying in grade 12 in Plano high school. She recently won Gold and Silver Keys in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards with separate portfolios.


  • What are Scholastic Art and Writing Awards?

It is one of the most prestigious awards given to teenagers in the US for creative pursuits like Art and Writing. Reema won her awards at a regional level (Southwest US) for two separate series of paintings. The Gold Key that Reema received qualifies her for competition at the national level.


  • How did Reema get it?

In the words of her architect mother Hema, Reema has been interested in art ever since she was young. She quickly and easily draws human expressions on canvas. Hema is happy to have such a “lovely person and blessed child” for a daughter.


  • What are Reema’s plans?

Reema wants to pursue a career in art and technology.



DREAMS would like to wish this talented teenager all the best for her future work and career. You can find more of this shy artist’s work at www.reemasharma.com

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