On the road with Word Warriors

February 17, 2016 , by Asmita Mali Manandhar, Leave your thoughts
When I met Ujjwala Maharjan in 2011, she had just participated in the first ever Spoken Word poetry competition in Nepal. Even back then, she and Yukta Bajracharya, both of their rather endearing demeanours would transform into something extraordinary when they used to climb into a stage, take up a microphone and recite their poetry to the audience. Like me, many of their audiences in Kathmandu grew on spoken word poetry with them, with their verses and performances.

Now fast forward to 2016, they are touring to different districts in Nepal to spread the “Spoken” word. They are currently at Narayangarh, Chitwan, for the last leg of their “Write to speak” tour. For this tour, the Word Warriors visit different educational institutions, mostly schools and encourage the students to be part of the Spoken word poetry and later conduct workshops to help them discover and refine their skills.

I will also be joining them for the introductory part of their tour to Narayangarh this week. I am really excited to understand and learn about their journey with the Spoken word poetry and their enthusiasm to share it with other young aspiring poets. I am looking forward to a lot of inspiration, encouragement and self-discovery for a lot of young souls in this trip.

I also have a feeling that I will rejuvenate my love for the Spoken word poetry and will be sharing all of my experiences. So, join me on this journey and I will be telling you all about How cool is “kavita”!

Stay tuned to learn more about Asmita’s journey to explore how Spoken words poetry has been transforming the younger generation in rural areas.

To join her, leave your comments in the comments-box below.

Check what others are saying about this event in Spoken Word Poetry’s official Facebook Events Page here.
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