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March 27, 2014 , by DREAMS, 1 Comment
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DREAMS would like to congratulate Sunil Babu Panta on being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


Who is Sunil Babu Panta?

Sunil Babu Panta is a long-time activist for gay rights and is Nepal’s first openly gay politician.


What are his works?

Sunil Babu Panta heads Blue Diamond Society, a pioneer organization for homosexuals in Nepal. Through constant activism, Sunil has contributed to changing Nepali society’s views on homosexuality, and in introducing third-gender friendly legislation in Nepal.



DREAMS would like to congratulate Sunil on being recognized by the Nobel Committee, which needs no introduction. DREAMS is proud to share an interview with him taken on the occasion of Gai Jatra.

Gai Jatra – The Androgynous Connection


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One comment on “Sunil Babu Panta

  1. Areej says:

    Hello sunil babu we really want to talk to you we need you help we are in Nepal with BDS now. Can you please talk to us in email.

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