The Immortal Experience of Tracing Nepal

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The Immortal Experience of Tracing Nepal » My Dreams Mag
The 22-year old well-known blogger Lex Limbu has been doing it all. Taking people out from their shelter, giving them experience of a life that they are already alienated from and let them contribute as a team to the societies that believe the grass is greener on the other side. Limbu's brain-child Tracing Nepal (Tracing Nepal) brings together youth from various quarters of society who have enjoyed what could be the luxuries of a life those societies have not gone through. The campaign has not only helped to explore the different facet of Nepal but also bless with an experience that will live with them forever. Here, we are bringing the experiences shared by the eight individuals who voluntarily contributed to the society of that kind through Tracing Nepal.




Carlisle, UK

Wanting to do something like this was just a thought, until I saw Lex Limbu’s Facebook page. All the people I got to meet were overwhelming that gave me a new perspective of life. I uncovered my hidden passion for teaching and lived the distinguished lifestyles of two villages — Chisapani and Sablakhu. Tracing Nepal is a give and take experience that gave me a chance to discover myself. It blessed me with a magnificent team and a chance to work with our youth icon Lex Limbu! I went to TN alone but came back home with a new family.




Connecticut, USA

I just wish I could freeze time and be in that moment which I cherished the most. I never thought I would be teaching guitar to children in Damauli, hike three hours and teach English in Taplejung or even have tongba on top of a hill with Tracing Nepal members. Going as complete strangers, we created a family built upon these cherished moments. Tracing Nepal gave me a chance to give back to the country through volunteering. Nepal is a developing country where even a small help can make the difference. Rather than taking a usual route: graduating college, finding a job and settling down, why not put our intelligence in good use to help develop Nepal.




Folkestone, UK

Tracing Nepal was one ‘heck of an adventure’ indeed! Not having visited Nepal in nine years and ultimately get an opportunity to experience Nepal to connect with my roots in such a personal way was just beyond words. It couldn’t be more enjoyable than sharing this journey with such a diverse group of people with their own experiences and personalities. We say we taught the kids at Maya and Sablakhu during our stay there but it’s safe to say that we’ve also learnt a lot from the kids themselves – their innocence, their infectious happiness and positive way of living each day is something I’ll always remember them by.




Ashford, UK

Talk about an ultimate life-changing experience full of sweat, tears, laughter, togetherness and a true sense of attainment. This was Tracing Nepal 2014. Changing the lives of the under-privileged was the main aim but witnessing the common struggle and joys in little things in both schools opened up our eyes and freed our inner-self to view life in a completely new perception. Knowing that you made the children smile was all that mattered; a real moment of euphoria. Huge credits to Lex, Chimmi and Chandrika for organizing TN and selecting such unique individuals who instantly formed a deep bond and let us trace Nepal in a true Nepali style.




Ashford, UK

I had always wanted to volunteer and do something for communities before focusing on my career. Tracing Nepal happened, the experience has been one of the reason that has changed the perspective of my life. A simple smile of child could make your day pass beautifully. I felt great when I received a letter from Maya’s student, Rajan, thanking me for building his confidence. This made me realise how doing simple things and showing small gestures mean great measures to other people.

Moreover, I also got to meet great different personalities, share the experience; we taught and learnt and got along with each other wonderfully. The experience is indescribable in words, as I believe one has to be in the position to empathise it. I am thankful for this opportunity, as it has taught me good life lessons.



Kent, UK

Tracing Nepal 2014 was honestly one of the best experiences I have had in my life. The trip involved the Nepali youths living in a foreign country who would come back and trace Nepal. Our aim was to give something back to the motherland by volunteering and at the same time experience the rural lifestyle that our fathers and forefathers had lived through. Our visit to Maya Universe Academy was definitely very special to us.

I was certainly very shocked and at the same time amazed to see the quality of education the 100 plus children received without paying a penny, credit to the founder Manjil Rana and his team. Although the stay was very short, we managed to somehow create a special bond between the staff and especially the children. The departure was certainly bittersweet. That might be the power of Maya. Initially, Tracing Nepal’s philosophy was solely responsible for my application, therefore I was a bit anxious about living/working with people I did not know. Without my team members Tracing Nepal would not have been what it has been for me.



Doncaster, UK

Tracing Nepal provided avenues for Nepali youth like us to support our future youth, engage with our community and learn from each other. The experience I gained from Tracing Nepal was very rewarding on both personal and social level. I learnt the most valuable lesson: to be happy. They say ‘that less is more’ and I could relate this on my journey during Tracing Nepal. Our people did not have more than basic things but each day they would wake up with a smile that could light any gloomy day. The stories from everyday lives of people were very inspiring and to realize that these people made it through gracefully was even amazing!! I created a beautiful memory with even more beautiful people through this journey.




Nuneaton, UK

I’m very grateful that I got to take part in this expedition around Nepal with the lovely seven members, who have now become my inseparable friends and family for life. Through this voyage, I’ve learnt so much about myself and my country. This expedition has helped me blossom in a mature way and I’m now very content and thankful for what I have. I’ve also learnt how to live life in the moment because I know many people in Nepal aren’t blessed with the lifestyle that most of us live (especially if you’re living abroad).

If I had travelled to Nepal on my own, it probably wouldn’t have been the same because with the TN family even bad days were filled with laughter and endless fun moments. This voyage has been truly inspiring and astonishing. I also truly wish that Lex will continue to move forward with Tracing Nepal in the future helping many other and inspire them to grow individually.


Looking back at the experience, I realise that bringing together eight different individuals for one common purpose and taking them away from their comfort zones, to a culture that they are slowly growing distant to, is indeed quite a challenge. In addition to that, as a leader and organizer I faced several setbacks from weather to transportation strikes. Like the individuals that were part of the first ever Tracing Nepal experience, this too was a sixteen day of learning experience for me where I gained a lot from the experience, the people along the journey and most importantly from our Tracing Nepal Team.

The drive that they had shown whilst working individually and as a team is something I would like to wish them to have for the days and months ahead. In addition to that, these young people who committed themselves to spend time with Tracing Nepal turned this idea into a reality!

I observed the volunteers as they rediscovered Nepal like never before, in their own pace and own ways and that has been my biggest inspiration for me to continue Tracing Nepal for many years to come.

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