DREAMS : Celebrating 1st Anniversary

March 12, 2014 , by DREAMS, Leave your thoughts
DREAMS : Celebrating 1st Anniversary » My Dreams Mag


It has been ONE whole year since DREAMS was born. Much more than that of course, since it was conceived, and hard-labour for the founders of the magazine.

Nurturing this little idea and rearing it to a one-year-old magazine has been an incredible experience for the Founding and Editorial teams. And we are proud that we have been able to connect with the DREAMERS from Nepal, within and abroad, nurturing their own aspirations yet contributing to the world by doing so. Reaching out to their ambitions, but giving back to their society as well. Prospering and supporting the people and the communities they are connected to. And we know, it wasn’t easy for anyone of them. But who wants an easy job, right?

So here is DREAMS celebrating its FIRST Birthday, and we can’t do without thanking our readers who are our greatest supporters, and our most valued and incredible writers and photographers, and the advisers to have been there and helping us grow, and grow to be a significant magazine. THANK YOU! One “BIRTHDAY WISH” we may humbly ask of you is, to kindly do let us hear your voice, wherever you maybe, telling us whether you like our article/s or not. We’d like your genuine feedback and comments. Please share and engage, that way we’ll be able to know whether we are on the right path or not.

Looking forward to your continuous support and furthermore!


Eshan Kali Kishor K Sharma Kutumba Govinda Azad GMIN
Naving Gurung Nawal Gurung London Olympics Rapoholics DJ Bikky
Shameer Khanal Murakmi Tshering Lama Party Planners 9seven7 Party Planners Signaturee
Dina Gurung Prajwal Parajuli Sanjeev Basnet Chhurim Sherpa Poet Yukta Bajracharya
Poet Ujjwala Maharjan Poet Shiva Bhusal Sanskriti Shrestha Dheeraj Shrestha Kanchan Amatya
Bimal Gurung Returning to the Roots Vikram Joshi Narayan Khakurel Ganga Thapa
Dulla Shoes Temba Tsheri Sherpa Pushpa Basnet Kanchan Burathoki Hema Shrestha
Bidhan Padhan Abari Bamboo Aayush Shrestha Gabi Fashion Namuna Shahi
Renuka Gurung Sujan Chitrakar Sanjana Wagle Shanta Nepali Surya Subedi
Study in Spain Tiger Man EkSayeAath Gagan Thapa Padma Ratna Tuladhar
Kwati Nepathya in London GaiJatra Fathers Teej
Buddhi Ratna Sherchan Gaumaya Gurung Life in London Lost in Lowlands Bloom Nepal
Shreya Rai Rohit John Chhetri Afuraki Yub Raj Ghale Bloom Nepal
Nepali Literature Festival Kiran Nepali Vidhea Shrestha Dashain - Mani Joshi Aayu Drona Sutey
Baikuntha Manandhar Malashree Haami Band The Desert Race Milan Rai
Doko Radio Clean up Nepal Mirror Mirror - Mani Joshi Laxmi Prasad Devkota Passe Pictures
Polka Studio Bhai Tika Jan Salter Dina Bangdel Amrita Acharia
Bimala Shrestha Anup Baral Dr Gyanendra Malla
Bina Ghaley
Shreya Paudel Love In The Time Of Empire
Parcha Fashion Show Uday & Manila Sotang Dawa Dachhiri Sherpa Adhikaar Kala Gurung
Sarita Chamling Recession Travelling Fashion London Dreams Alien Perspective
To Be A Gurkha
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