The Subtle Path

January 9, 2016 , by Yusha Pun, Leave your thoughts
The Subtle Path » My Dreams Mag

  Hereafter, I follow the path to self; the journey of revelation.  
  All what we see may not be how it is, look at your own casted shadow how it changes throughout. Then it is just the shadow and it is there because you exist. All exists as long as it exists but the real living is beyond the mere thought of existence.  
  Life isn’t for taken as granted. If it ever was so, all the knowledge of any wise souls wouldn’t ascent beyond any man’s mind, time and space; unaffected yet moving forward to return to the self.  
  In the power of silent self, we realize everything changes but not the self. All the knowledge we ever understand or want to understand, they can’t be perceived clearly without knowing the self first.  
  Indeed this world is full of sufferings- how the self would even realize itself when it is unknown to itself and to the misconceived world it appears to be true. We are lost then again and again, into the ripples of vast ocean.  
  Alone is the path and the self is beyond everything.  

Everybody’s path is personal and is different.


May all pain transcends even the healer within the pain.

  Photographer’s Note:
The subtle path is an abstract work. I can’t describe how I feel it but I think that’s its subtlety. To you all but to the self of you!

The other day when our guru instructed us while meditating, I tried to discipline my mind inwards like everyday. I was counting my deep, stretchy breathes inside but suddenly I was thinking that till last month, I was practicing at home, ate mom ‘s prepared foods; today, I am in Mysore practicing life and Ashtanga yoga and the food I cook gets burnt. However, I am not at all homesick. The contentment never is with things or other people but with one’s self and all is nobody but self.

I returned to meditate. An hour later, I assumed my mind was calm and it was.

Moral: Have control of all sixth senses, the mind gets modified naturally as we are already connected to many things externally; when it’s not, it only experiences bliss within, the bliss which is already there at the core of within.”

Photos and words by Yusha Pun.

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