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DREAMS would like to congratulate Zezbia Shrestha, who the gold medal in sparing and silver medal in form during the Illinois State Championship of taekwondo. This qualifies her for the national level championship. Indeed, winning medals is nothing new to Zezbia, who claimed first place in the governor’s cup held in Minnesota in 2013, where participants came from six different American states, and won gold medals in three different categories in the Young-in University Presidential Cup in 2013.


Excerpts from a short chat with Zezbia:


How many hours do you train every week?

I aim for 1-2 hours of practice 4 times a week.


How do you manage time for practice, with your studies and other demands on your time?

School and my grades are on the top of my priority list, so I finish my studies at home first. Since my weekday taekwondo practices are late in the afternoon, it fits well into my daily schedule. Along with my school and taekwondo, I also slip in time to spend with my family and friends.


You have won awards for forms, breaking, and sparring. Which one of those do you enjoy the most, and why?

Each one of those elements in taekwondo contribute to different benefits for me, which I love. Forms have much to do with the discipline of my mind, and it takes inner strength to execute. Breaking takes accuracy and experience, I think. And lastly, to spar well, I need trained cardiovascular strength, quick thinking, and a focused mind. Hence, I can’t pick a single element of taekwondo; I love them all!


What are your future plans in martial arts?

I’m looking forward to continue towards higher levels of black belt dans. Sparring isn’t a requirement to earn higher belts, but I personally love it. From my understanding, not too many people who are in taekwondo choose to do sparring, which gives me another reason to value the fact that I can spar. Being a Nepali chhori, I hope I can bring recognition to Nepal from participating in this sport, and achieving future awards!   



DREAMS wishes Zezbia all the best for her outing in the national Takwondo Championship. This is one youngster to watch out for!

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